Bass player Adam Schlesinger. (Image: EPA/Shawn Thew)

Good for what ails ya!

Donald Trump has recently been enthusiastically pushing the supposed anti-coronavirus properties of hydroxychloroquine. And that’s been a surprise: partially because it’s a relatively obscure and superseded malaria treatment which carries high risk for people with heart conditions, and partially because it’s a long word that’s hard to say.

Bemoaning the fact that a drug which has yet to be comprehensively tested on COVID-19 had not been immediately rolled out to battle the pandemic regardless, he told the world, “if it does work, it would be a shame we did not do it early,” and exhorted Americans with the disease to give it a whirl because, “what do you have to lose?”.

And chances are you read that and immediately thought, “given everything we know about the man’s interest in science, medical research and the wellbeing of others, if Trump is so keen on it then he must have a personal financial stake in the drug".