(Image: AAP/Emma Hanswell)


“A vast burden of unpaid care work is being created.” Working parents’ roles and workload are multiplying, and the burden is falling heavily on women. Australians aren’t the only ones baffled by absurd and inconsistent lockdown rules. European leaders are every bit as silly. The epidemiological origins of Trump’s “re-open by East” silliness. The three basic scenarios for how long this will continue for.

Teachers explain how virtual teaching sucks (and some workarounds). Hamfisted crackdowns on innocent citizens by overzealous police will only reduce compliance with lockdown laws, not increase it. The virus is shifting dating away from chat and toward video. “Shakespeare wrote King Lear while in quarantine!”* Capitalism demands ever higher control and productivity of workers even in lockdown.

Governments have been quick to adopt biosurveillance tools and they prefer not to let them go again when this is all over. A new US paper suggests going hard and going early on isolation yields much better economic outcomes than gradual restriction, evidence from a century ago shows.