unions wage stagnation

Yesterday, the story going round the traps was that Greg Combet and Sally McManus had come up with the JobKeeper rescue package and sold it to a reluctant Scott Morrison, who then sold it to the even more reluctant hardliners in his cabinet.

This morning in the Oz there's a breathless story about how Morrison dodged it up with four business leaders, and Greg Combet was then roped in to sell it to Sally McManus. I don't believe that Paul "Elevator to Nowhere" Kelly or other journos would knowingly report porkies, so I don't doubt the business roundtable happened.

But I wouldn't trust them as fast as I could spit them out on spin and slant. Quite possibly it was the CEOs who persuaded happy-clappy ScoMo that capitalism was just a series of deals, not a divinely ordained master-servant relationship. The group included Solomon Lew, who has just dudded the landlords of 1250 of his outlets with a retail rent strike.