TV ratings married at first sight
(Image: Nine Network)

Nine boasted that MAFS (1.74 million) had its highest audience of the year -- as well it should have, seeing it was the penultimate episode of the series with finale tonight (it really is The Biggest Loser from the POV of the inmates). Nine won the night with help from another solid night for the news and ACA. 

Seven News dominated the news slot, though interest in COVID-19 has peaked and is starting to fade. The best example for this is a 458,000 drop last night (988,000) for Nine’s special, from the previous week’s 1.44 million. Last night’s special came after the series high for MAFS added 186,000 viewers, so the attraction to updates on the virus are clearly waning.

That was also evident in breakfast and mornings, where audience numbers dipped, though close to 1.3 million people collectively watched Sunrise (565,000), Today (380,000) and News Breakfast (374,000).