(Image: AAP/Natalie Boog)

A week ago the players ran around empty stadiums, and last night the TV schedule was as empty as the MCG would have been -- had we been able to see inside.

The dependance of Seven, Nine and Foxtel on filling Thursday, Friday, and weekend timeslots with wall-to-wall sport has been exposed as a flawed strategy. The networks have gradually wound back spending on new programs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights to the point where their schedules are wastelands outside sport.

The prime time slots are full of dud movies in constant repeat (how many times do we have to watch Crocodile Dundee in all its forms). Ten at least has scheduled som interesting non-sport programs on Thursday and Friday nights, even if Gogglebox Australia (which did very well last night with 1 million, the most watched non-news program), is someone else’s program.