Seven News 7 TV ratings
(Image: 7PLus)

More people tuned into watch live TV last night, starting early in the day with hundreds of thousands more tuning into breakfast and morning programs for news and information updates.

That gave Today its highest national audience in almost three years -- 442,000. But more people tuned in to Seven’s Sunrise which increased its lead over Today with 652,000 national viewers. ABC News Breakfast had its all time record high of 437,000. Seven’s Morning Show had a high of 408,000 and Nine’s Today Extra had a new high of 256,000.

But not Ten’s Studio 10 -- its audience dipped a few thousand from last week to 74,000 yesterday. All up, over 1.5 million people watched breakfast TV on Nine, Seven and the ABC yesterday -- nearly double several weeks ago. And a factoid that says it all: just 12,000 people tuned in nationally on ABC News for question time from the House of Reps yesterday.