Gamblers on pokies in casino
(Image: Unsplash/Chuma A)

After reading this Aristocrat AGM preview piece in Crikey on Tuesday, detailing a range of questions that would be asked of the $24 billion pokies giant, Aristocrat chairman Neil Chatfield thought he would try the debate-limiting tactic of restricting individual shareholders to a maximum of two questions per resolution.

Thankfully, we had a crew of three qualified speakers from the gambling reform movement and there were eight resolutions on the agenda, so it was just a case of sharing the questions around and framing them around the resolution being debated.

With the Australian Shareholders’ Association representative being the only other shareholder wishing to speak, what would have been a perfunctory 40-minute meeting at the company’s global headquarters in North Ryde turned into a lively 135-minute debate covering all manner of topics.