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In The Daily Fix, Crikey taps into the wisdom of experts and community leaders to find solutions to problems. Today: climate change.

Consumer Action has long supported imposing a price on carbon emissions as an effective measure to reduce the likelihood of dangerous climate change and its disastrous effects.

Low-income and vulnerable Australians are likely to experience the negative consequences of climate change first and worst, so the goal should be to avert dangerous climate change based on the weight of scientific evidence available.

Any pricing tool should be applied progressively, so those with the most capacity pay the most. Consumer protection also provides a clear means to curb inequalities and to promote fairness, justice and environmental protection in an increasingly complex global economy.

It ensures that people everywhere are treated fairly and with dignity in the marketplace, and have access to safe, healthy, sustainable products and services.

This is particularly important for poor and vulnerable people who are often the most exploited. Federal and state governments should review and renew their approach to consumer rights, with the goal of greater sustainability of consumption and production.

Gerard Brody is the CEO of the Consumer Action Law Centre.