Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg (Image: EPA/Cristobal Herrera)

All eyes will be on Mike Bloomberg as he prepares to make his first appearance at the Democratic presidential debate tonight.

Enemies from across the political spectrum have joined in to criticise the billionaire former New York mayor in recent days. Trump labelled him “Mini Mike”, while Democratic rivals have slammed his support for “racist policies” and accused him of buying his way into the election. 

The pile-on is likely to continue, with the attacks focusing on his status as a billionaire, his previous affiliation with the Republican party and his support for stop and frisk searches that targeted minorities. 

Here’s a refresher on some of the criticism Bloomberg has copped over the last few days.

Donald Trump (R)

“Is corrupt Bloomberg News going to say what a pathetic debater Mini Mike is, that he doesn’t respect our great farmers, or that he has violated campaign finance laws at the highest and most sinister level with ‘payoffs’ all over the place?”

Bernie Sanders (D)

“We will not defeat Donald Trump with a candidate who advocated for cuts to Medicare and Social Security.”

“We have a corrupt political system which enables billionaires to buy elections … So today we say to those billionaires who are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to support candidates who represent the rich and the powerful; today we say to Mayor Bloomberg: we are a democracy, not an oligarchy.”

Joe Biden (D)

“I don’t endorse Republicans.”

Elizabeth Warren (D): 

“It’s a shame Mike Bloomberg can buy his way into the debate. But at least now primary voters curious about how each candidate will take on Donald Trump can get a live demonstration of how we each take on an egomaniac billionaire.”

“Mike Bloomberg’s expansion of ‘stop and frisk’ devastated Black and Brown communities. For years, he used racist justifications to defend the practice—and more comments are already resurfacing. We need a nominee that Democratic voters can trust.”

Bloomberg’s pitch?

“Issues like climate change, college affordability, and gun safety will determine the next century.”

“No other Democrat has my record of standing up to the gun lobby. No other Democrat has my record of fighting climate change.”

Stay tuned.