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In the interests of public debate, Crikey stuck a toe in the online sewer of potentially defamatory online reviews. Here's what we found after a brief search. Few professions or sectors are immune and a special mention goes to sites which solicit online reviews, such as Glassdoor.

We blocked out the names. You can see why...

The painting game

I would stay away from these very unprofessional painters, they painted over my furniture, carpet, a fridge over the down light and ducted heating covers. [REDACTED] tried to get half of the money he quoted from me after he came to my place and stated he didn't want to do the job for me anymore as "I would not be satisfied". There was never any attempt to try to resolve poor workmanship. Now he is calling me at 12.18am and 12.22am at night sounding drunk on the phone asking for monies for paint he had his painter drop off to me. [REDACTED] Police have been notified.