(Image: Unsplash/NASA)


Space weather — it’s a thing. Melvyn and his guests discuss the solar wind and what it does to the planets that get in its way, especially if their inhabitants are dumb enough to rely on electronics and radio. What can it do to electrical equipment? And I’m sorry, but the “How’s the weather up there” headline has already been used. Sigh. (But don’t worry, there’s a fungus that thrives on radiation).

Read up on how the Cold War produced an oversupply of physicists and, indirectly, a new way of thinking about reality. Plus, more on why climate modelling scenarios have suddenly taken a turn for the dramatically worse — and whether they’re right or not. And is the business embrace of climate action a risk as much as a benefit?


Anti-vaxxers — already with the blood of dead children around the world on their hands — are getting more dangerous. In December, NBC reported that US anti-vaxxers are stalking, and assaulting, people deemed to be targets. One entered the Californian state senate to hurl blood at politicians. But surely lawmakers won’t be intimidated, right? A New Jersey attempt to end much-abused religious exemptions for vaccination was recently defeated.