(Image: AAP/Sean Davey)

We’re halfway through a catastrophic bushfire season. The fires are a tragedy — but now there’s another tragedy unfolding in their wake: the deliberate misinformation, obfuscation and climate equivocation playing out in certain sections of the media.

With that in mind, we’d like to ask you some questions about the media you support:

  • Does it believe, and actively champion, the fact that man-made climate change is real?
  • Is it beholden to big business, big polluters or the fossil fuel industry?
  • Does it deliberately spread misinformation to support these industries?
  • Is it owned by Australians? Is Australian quality journalism its primary purpose? Is it trustworthy?

We’d like you to consider these questions and, depending on your answers, decide whether it’s time to unsubscribe from media that’s on the wrong side of history. To support independent, Australian media that consistently ask tough questions, without commercial interests or political affiliations clouding their judgement. To invest your attention, time and money into the right kind of media.

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