Greyhound racing

Remember those state government pledges to better protect greyhounds in the wake of 2015 revelations of a brutal, corrupt industry? They've been all but abandoned. The industry continues to slaughter large numbers of dogs and revel in millions of dollars in taxpayer handouts.

According to data collected from the racing industry by the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG), 12 dogs have already been killed in races across the country in the first half of January alone. These deaths are a result of the dogs incurring racing injuries -- many of them treatable -- despite a taxpayer-funded rebate scheme designed to fund injury treatment.

Victoria is the centre of this carnage, with five dogs killed after racing accidents this year already. This is despite the Andrews government purporting to have introduced a code of practice in the industry from January 1, backed by a million dollar handout to the industry.