A flag similar to the one flown at a Victorian property this week (Image: Flickr/zaphad1)

If you fly a Nazi flag on the roof of your house in Germany, you could get three years in jail. If you do it in Australia, you’ll get famous. Briefly.

Cheryl Lawdorn, owner of the home in the rural Victorian town of Beulah on which a Nazi flag of sorts had been flying, no doubt knew what she was in for when she ran it up the flagpole. When the media took notice, her defence was ready: she has German ancestry, so there.

The flag in question isn’t one that ever had an official role; it’s a pastiche of Nazi and Imperial German imagery, but the swastika’s centrality makes it clear enough that Lawdorn’s heritage celebration is not generically German, rather more specifically 1933-45 German.