Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction Angus Taylor (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

On the Arsehat of the Year

Desmond Graham writes: Excellent CV for positions in AMP , insurance companies and Banks looking at the recent splendid management from these enterprises. Lots of income for providing no services.

On deadly airbags

Wayne Robinson writes: I’m bemused that airbags were ever introduced, and then made mandatory. My understanding is that they were developed because many drivers and passengers refused to use more active protection devices such as seat belts, and the explosive charges were more powerful to ensure more rapid deployment in a collision because many people were still not wearing seat belts. It’s dangerous to delegate your health and safety to a manufacturer who’s more concerned with profit and the bottom line, and with reducing costs, than your health and safety. Food manufacturers are another prime example.

On Fred Nile… it’s Fred Nile

Fred Nile letter newsletter copy
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