ANU data breach

It's long been the case in Australia that to oppose internet censorship is to incur the accusation of protecting paedophiles, and so it continues.

In October, Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton attacked Google and Facebook, as well as other tech companies that provide encrypted services such as Apple, for "protecting paedophiles" by refusing to let security agencies of the Five Eyes countries have backdoor access to their systems.

Throwing references to paedophiles around is a bit risky for Dutton. As it turned out, the company doing the most to help paedophiles in Australia was Westpac, shortly afterward exposed as providing a payment system used by child abusers. Dutton and his Liberal colleagues, of course, have been happy to take hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from Westpac over the years and run a protection racket against effective regulation and consumer protection in financial services.