(Image: Unsplash)

Last Friday, the soon-to-be-broken-up Department of the Environment and Energy released their latest emissions projections. And like every other time these sorts of reports come out, it raises a few questions.

First up, Australia is projected to hit just 16% below our 2005 emissions levels by 2030. This is almost half the (minimum) 26-28% we pledged as part of the Paris Agreement, and explains why the Coalition is so keen to use their carry-over credit trick to cheat the system. That is, if the plan survives a "betrayal of trust" debate at the upcoming Madrid summit.

Secondly, that 16% assumes a renewables growth to roughly 48% of Australia’s electricity needs. The National Electricity Market (NEM) -- the grid across the east coast of Australia -- will hit 51%, while WA is expected to jump to 55%. Smaller regional grids will only get to 18%.