Attorney-General Christian Porter

On the ‘integrity commission’

Lesley Graham writes: My only question here is what’s the point of having this body in the first place if they’re not actually going to do anything as a functioning “integrity commission”, surely they can use the existing set-up for this exact purpose — i.e. the public hearings that the government currently does. All sides need to represented here, not just the hidden agenda that the Coalition seems to prefer, surely people’s memories aren’t that bad, most of this sort of secrecy smacks of the Howard era. Here we go again.

On the Witness K trial

Mike Smith writes: We can hardly be criticising Poland for its democracy and legal system, or lack of it, when we have goons like Porter and his team of thugs behaving like this.

On Westpac

Desmond Graham writes: Regulatory incompetence is one of the crucial findings of all these royal commissions that is the common thread and findings — no matter the subject of the commission. Twenty-two million offences and you get pinged a for the 23rd million? That’s a bit unfair. Why should execs resign for such minor errors?

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Mark E Smith writes: Seems odd to clamour for resignations at these moments. Just when the going gets tough and it’s time to really work for their money, the glib consensus is to resign. How about sticking around and taking up the fight. Why were AUSTRAC sitting back so long letting the breaches and fines rack up? The bigger picture is the real problem and conveniently ignored or just not known about here and in mainstream coverage. These laws around the world have cut off remittances to millions of poor people making them more vulnerable to terror and criminal recruiters. We must find better ways starting with not taking all our advice from cops. Back home Australia is a notorious laggard with updating our money laundering laws as per our international promises.

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