Behrouz Boochani
Refugee and journalist Behrouz Boochani (Image: Wikimedia)

On Behrouz Boochani

David Walshe writes: Yet again, the Kiwis have shown us up in allowing Behrouz Boochani to visit their country. As they lead and punch way above their weight, Australia plods along at the bottom of the world’s nations that never seem to aspire to, let alone reach, their potential. The courage and generosity of NZ attitude to Behrouz Boochani is the antithesis of the cringing, spiteful, politically-motivated selfishness of the bunch of morons in Canberra who currently pose as the Australian government. Shame on them.

Valerie Merle Pitty: The release of Behrouz Boochani and his welcome in New Zealand shows up the failure of Morrison and Dutton to deal with asylum seekers in any kind of informed and sensible way. This, combined with various reactions to comments connecting the present fire danger with climate change, may produce a reassessment of the present government’s unenlightened policies. Is it too much to hope it is the beginning of the end of their hopeless regime?

Mark E Smith writes: I’m hoping he’ll get some sort of offer to stay in NZ without having to go through the farcical asylum process. Despite the blatherings of Dutton and the electoral rump the fact remains there’s still no exit strategy to this foolish, too-smart-by-half scheme. Unless they’re planning a tenth anniversary in asylum party or perhaps three months long service leave a gradual face-saving wind-down is the best option and one they should grab ASAP.

Charles Pickett writes: This is wonderful news. I am absolutely in awe of this man and his achievements in such terrible circumstances. It is hard to think of a greater human contrast than that between Boochani and his grubby Australian tormentors.

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