love island tv ratings
(Image: Nine Entertainment)

A tale of two programs last night. The Bachelorette was suitably tearful (brought to you by Australia’s tissue-making sector) and full of doubt -- whimpering, hand holding, kissing, face rubbing. Then the post decision selling started, with social media posts and FM radio appearances, and all the faux emotion over for another year. About 1.31 million tuned in for Angie’s decision, and 1.12 million for the lead up. That was a solid turn-on of 185,000 which is good news for Ten.

Compare that to the final episode of Love Island on Nine -- 425,000 for the lead up and 311,000 for the winner’s announcement. What? That means 114,000 viewers turned off Flop Island because they couldn’t be bothered hanging around watching the ending and the "winner". That is the ultimate insult from viewers for a program that has already been roundly rejected by viewers in the target (younger) demos.