The Block season final Glenn Dyer's TV Ratings ratings

After 57 episodes, the 2019 version of The Block ended last night on Nine. It was a mini-marathon -- the current season was three weeks or 10 episodes longer than 2018, but not as long as the 2012 season at 69 episodes, or the 107 episodes across two series in 2013.

So how did The Block rate? Well the peak is always the winner’s announcement at the end and last night there was a nice turn-on of half million viewers. The announcement averaged 2.56 million nationally (1.92 million metro and 643,000 in the regions). That was only down a total of 50,000 from 2018’s 2.61 million nationally. Both years were down sharply from 2017’s 3.47 million. From 2017 to 2019 the audience fell by nearly 900,000 nationally. It's still big but is no longer the mega hit it once was.