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Who’s safe from the police state?

Crikey readers discuss the evidence of a creeping bureaucratic police state in Australia — one from which not even the government's friends are safe — and question the practicality of the government's boycott ban.

afp raids
John Lyons (left), executive editor of ABC News, is followed by an AFP officer. (Image: AAP/David Gray)

On the growing power of bureaucrats

Venise Alstergren writes: Rupert Murdoch’s media feeling the pinch from our draconian laws? Pardon my schadenfreude.

Desmond Graham writes: The rule of lawyers is not the rule of law. Look how smartly the High Court interpreted the simple words of the Constitution to be interpreted as simple meaning of the English words regarding the politicians dual citizenship. Yet it stretches, distorts and changes the equally simple English words of the rest of the constitution. No wonder the population is cynical of legislation.

On the boycott ban

Wayne Cusick writes: Isn’t the freedom of political communication one of the few rights that has been upheld by the High Court? If that is the case, then political protests, such as these, are explicitly protected and any laws that forbid them are unconstitutional. And from Morrison’s rhetoric it is pretty clear that we all serve the economy. All hail the economy!

Robert Brown writes: I’m wondering, how do you outlaw boycott? Do you force people to buy stuff they don’t want? Or does the state buy it on your behalf and then … send it to landfill or whatever?

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