Welcome to the first, and possibly last, edition of “Crikey attempts to understand what’s going on in Adelaide”. First up we have this cartoon, published without comment or context, in Saturday’s Advertiser:

A week after the death of two remorseless mass murderers, the best “third” option their cartoonist could come up with from local news was end-of-year school pranks. Last week, a group of year 12 students at an Adelaide high school were facing bans from their graduation after running amok on school grounds.

Has PC culture actually killed muck-up day water bombings, pantsings and the other borderline forms of assault kids get up to? And is the banning of schoolyard hi-jinks remotely similar to the deaths of Ivan Milat and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi? These are the questions we do not have time to answer, even if we possibly could.