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Energy Minister Angus Taylor Paris agreement carbon emissions
Minister for Energy Angus Taylor (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Energy Minister Angus Taylor can’t seem to open his front door without embarrassing himself these days. His latest calamity: accusing Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore of spending $15 million on travel based on questionable evidence that may have been forged. 

For those just catching up, find below Crikey‘s beginner’s guide to Angus Taylor.

  • Prior to parliament, Taylor was a Rhodes Scholar (yes, really) and worked for consulting firm McKinsey.
  • In 2012, he won preselection for the safe Coalition seat of Hume.
  • After the knifing of former PM Malcolm Turnbull, Taylor took over the energy portfolio.
  • After Taylor’s first speech as Energy Minister, a tipster told us the new minister barricaded himself in the “media room” for 30 minutes to avoid questions, before ducking out of a back door.
  • As part of a Liberal campaign to discredit Bill Shorten’s plan for electric vehicles, Taylor shared a Top Gear video of an electric car running out of charge mid-drive. Only problem was, the video had been faked.
  • In April it was revealed that two years ago, the government had made a $79 million water buyback from a subsidiary of a company of that Taylor directed and co-founded. Taylor said he had resigned from any roles in the company at the time of the buyback.
  • In May, he commented on one of his own Facebook posts: “Fantastic. Great move. Well done Angus.”
  • In June, it was revealed that Taylor met with officials from the environment department and then-minister Josh Frydenberg’s office at the same time that the department was investigating a company co-owned by Taylor’s brother Richard. Taylor also had an interest in the company, through his family’s investment company.
  • Labor is now threatening to go to the police over the allegedly forged document Taylor’s office provided The Daily Telegraph to back up his attack on Moore. Taylor has denied the documents were the work of anyone in his office.
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