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A smoking gun on Trump’s Ukraine scandal emerges — a deal so toxic even John Bolton hated it. Politico Europe goes inside Emmanuel Macron’s foreign policy. The racist right is on a roll around the world — politically and culturally. And from the Endless Wars Continue To Be Endless file: US interventionists want to use oil as a cover to continue attacking Iranian forces in Syria (meantime, the Pentagon is planning what to do if Trump decides to tweet that he’s leaving Afghanistan). America’s foreign policy tradition is one of wreaking havoc on the world — and its history of betraying allies goes back to WW2, says an American Conservative contributor.


Want to play judge? Here’s a simulator that lets you use a US algorithm that’s used to determine whether defendants are jailed or released. Can you make it fairer than it currently is? Therein lies a problem that provides a unique insight into the racial bias built into US criminal justice systems. Meanwhile, surveillance technology developed for the US border eventually makes its way into the suburbs of America — and opponents of increased surveillance say nothing. How France officially forgot the mass murder of Algerians by police in Paris in October 1961. And in Mississippi, a new memorial to Emmett Till has had to be made bulletproof to resist vandalism.