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Now here’s an insight into the mindset of allegedly democratic governments. You’d think a spy stealing your most important secrets and handing it to your enemies was the worst thing that could happen to a government. If you did, you’re wrong. Turns out, whistleblowers are much worse. Trump’s Justice Department (which, on such things, is indistinguishable from Obama’s) recently told a US court that whistleblowers do far more damage to security than spies because they tell things governments want kept hidden to more people (and in case you don’t think the Australian government shares that view, it is now censoring whistleblowers and whistleblowing experts).

Plus, another reason to hate LinkedIn: like every online space, it is being colonised by sexually aggressive men. And I thought our nanny state was bad: the UK’s chief medical officer wants to ban consuming anything other than water on public transport — without a skerrick of evidence it will achieve anything.