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Kurdish families flee their home following Turkey's offensive in northern Syria (Image: EPA/Stringer)

Political punditry, if you don’t keep your eye on the prize, can easily get you confused; a piece of self-reproach as much as anything. This writer dislikes those who criticise everything Trump does. Equally, the propagandist notion of the US as a force for freedom is also irritating.

But then comes something like Trump's sudden withdrawal of US special forces from Rojava (Kurdish Syria), and it’s the temporarily pro-Trump "left" who are wrong. Let's deal with the alleged inconsistency of supporting US forces from the left in a moment. This is a ghastly act, conceived as either distraction from impeachment, or masking State Department realpolitik, or Trump being played by Turkey's President Erdogan like a cheap hurdy-gurdy, or a mix of all three.