Scott Morrison
(Image: AAP/Bianca De Marchi)

The slow bicycle race that is Australian politics has had an early breakout with Scott Morrison’s Lowy Institute speech announcing his opposition to "negative globalism" and expanding the notion of a "promise of Australia" aired during the election.

The speech has raised the question as to whether this represents Morrison going in a Trumpian direction. It does of course, but only insofar as Trump is going in a general direction of the right in a very particular manner. Looking for "country X's Trump" is a category error; Trump is, in part, a product of the unique nature of the American presidency, an elected God-emperor. As Boris Johnson's fraught few weeks show, you can’t be even a bit like that in the Westminster system. One can see a certain idea of "the right" shining through Morrison’s speech, but what is happening is part of a deeper global process.