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(Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

The government's commitment to locking Australia in place has led to a low-growth, low-productivity economy dependent on public spending and commodity price spikes to prop it up. But beyond the economy, the government's goal has been to prevent Australia from going anywhere across a number of major policy areas.

Run by climate denialists and the representatives of fossil fuel interests, the government, apart from a brief effort by Malcolm Turnbull, has worked to prevent any action that might reduce Australia's carbon emissions. No matter how hard the government tries to hide the data, emissions have risen steadily since Tony Abbott removed the effective, efficient carbon pricing scheme the Coalition inherited from the previous government. Even now, with some of its own most conservative elements lamenting the impact of climate change on agriculture, and talk of northern Australia becoming "uninsurable" as the climate emergency starts to bite, the government refuses to contemplate any action beyond regularly lying about meeting our international commitments and devising ways to vilify climate protesters.