With his calls on Thursday morning for a boycott of Coles, Alan Jones has handed Peter Costello an exquisite dilemma. Does the Nine chair and Liberal Party elder continue to protect Jones from those at 2GB and Macquarie Media who reportedly want him out, or does he finally take action to bring the shock jock to heel in an effort to protect the bottom line?

The question is especially delicate because of the internal review that is supposed to be happening following Jones' verbal assault on New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern that saw dozens of advertisers, led by the Commonwealth Bank and Coles, abandon his breakfast program. Jones was forced to apologise, and was warned that a repetition of those types of comments would not be tolerated. But that didn't stop him from complaining about activist "blackmail", or yesterday telling his listeners to give Coles supermarkets and petrol stations "a very wide berth".