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Why Greta Thunberg vexes conservatives

Crikey readers on millennial and Gen Z climate activism, Andrew Bolt and legalised drugs.

Greta Thunberg climate activism
(Image: Flikr/European Parliament)

While commentators the world over try to understand how climate paragon Greta Thunberg drives conservatives up the wall, Crikey readers had their own theory: she reminds them, amongst other things, that they’re not going to escape this mess unscathed. Meanwhile, the detective work continued as readers tried to figure out what’s going through Andrew Bolt’s head, and discussed the implications of legalised drugs.

On Greta Thunberg

Lesley Graham writes: These conservatives struggle with the fact that a young person, particularly female, is prepared to take them to task over their continued mismanagement of the environment. Many of these conservatives live with the outdated notion that by the time everything goes to hell they’ll have passed over and it won’t be their problem anymore.

On Andrew Bolt

Lee Miller writes: So an opinion writer walks around a cathedral and gives an opinion. Informed (as in a jury who heard actual evidence) opinion is what counts.

Put a fork in them, the election is almost done.

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On legalising it

Mark E Smith writes: We need to put more faith in people’s ability to make good decisions about drugs by helping with other parts of their lives that may influence unhealthy drug use. We also need to drop the clearly incorrect attitude that all drug and alcohol use is inherently harmful and driven by trauma and misery. Despite the absolute abundance of alcohol outlets and relative ease and cheapness of procuring many illegal drugs, most people use either none or very little of their own free choice.

Desmond Graham writes: Well Canberra is full of public servants making decisions — can a decision be overturned because the public servant had psychotropic drugs on board?

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Jimbo from Logan
Jimbo from Logan
2 years ago

Gee, Bolt is barely an opinion writer – I mean he has what he calls opinions [still unclear if they are genuinely held or purchased] and he ‘writes’ them down… But I prefer just to think of him as an entertainer. He doesn’t make me laugh; but I hate clowns anyway.