Today is my last day as managing editor of Crikey. On the train into work, jostled between tired Friday commuters, I stood next to a homemade placard. It was lovingly painted in red and blue, the letters neatly spaced apart. The words call out: “Policy change not climate change”. The placard and its owner, a young woman, were on their way to today’s historic climate strike.

In times of great upheaval we all need to find our people. I love that this woman is on her way to strike, to be with her people and fight for a collective future. I hope you find that those at Crikey are your people; they are certainly mine. Working here has been one of the great privileges of my life.

Despite the constant threat of defamation, we have spent the last two years standing up to bullies and revealing unpleasant truths. I hope that we are also a lifeline to sanity in a world experiencing great upheaval. I know everyone here, emboldened by our recent INQ recruits, will continue this important work.

Over and out.