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Will Scott Morrison’s official US state dinner be a high point in his prime ministerial career? Quite possibly, but for the White House it’s just another Monday. Morrison will have to try harder to impress Crikey readers, who see it as simply part of a long history of Australian leaders (and media) being duped into thinking they’re more important than they are. Elsewhere, readers continued to discuss the growing topic of news burnout.

On the ‘special relationship’

Malcolm Burr writes: It’s been going on for more than a hundred years, even before the Yanks. When our politicians used to make the long boat trip to Old Blighty the Poms would take them to Buck House and all the sights. Old Jack Lang used to say they were being “duchessed” and having the wool pulled over their eyes. Poms or Yanks, our politicians were and are being conned, big time.

Kym Smith writes: Trump doesn’t have any friends amongst the leaders of acceptable countries. So PM Scott is now besties with Trump. Another Bradbury finish for lucky ScoMo.

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On giving up the news

Mark E Smith writes: The simple takeaway is moderation and selectiveness. Or more simply, quality over quantity. Most news is not news. It’s comment, projection, speculation, propaganda, waffle filler and often just plain lies or wrong. Some want to learn. Some want to be up to date informed. Some want their prejudices stroked and reinforced.

Rob Bickford writes: I keep reading local, national and international politics  because these train wrecks are all we have.

Rob Edsall writes: I found reading about politics led me into despair after the election, so I more or less stopped. Then I realised I was turning into one of Morrison’s “quiet Australians”. Bugger that for a joke. I’ve reengaged and already feel better for it.

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Peter Fray
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