The rim of Australia's east coast is burning. At time of writing, there are over 80 fires burning across Queensland, the worst in 130 years. Twenty-one properties, including the historic Binna Burra Lodge, have been lost since last Thursday. O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat has been evacuated. Rainforests generally don't burn under normal conditions.

Meanwhile, at least nine homes have been lost in NSW. The state’s Rural Fire Service has reported there are more than 50 fires burning between Newcastle and Byron Bay.

Queenslanders have been told to prepare for worse to come, with dry conditions and little chance of rainfall over the next four months. Climatologists have said it's more complicated than "just" climate change, while noting that climate change has a role. But rather than jump on that -- it might be weird to suddenly start agreeing with scientists -- equivocation has been the order of the day for the various denialists and fence-sitters coming out of the woodwork.