Prime Minister Scott Morrison on the ABC's 7:30 last night.

Last night, Prime Minister Scott Morrison discussed all things welfare and the economy with 7.30’s Leigh Sales.

It was an entirely forgettable discussion, filled with tired lines about not raising Newstart while spending millions on stigmatising recipients, save for one thing: Morrison’s time-warp colonial office design.

Gone, or at least hidden from view, were his pride and joy, two two-dimensional “I stopped these” boat trophies Morrison made for himself at parliamentary art and craft time, replaced with what appears to be a three-dimensional replica of Captain Cook’s prized Endeavour. A tipster has confirmed to Crikey that on the wall behind it, is a map of Cook’s voyages.

Morrison has also chucked on a green and gold tie, strategically placed an Aussie flag, and is donning an Aussie flag pin, lest anyone forget whose side he’s on.

The office reno reveal should come as no surprise, however. Morrison’s love of the ‘strayan invasion saw him pledge $25 million in January this year to turn his seat of Cook into a memorial of Cook, $5.45m for a Cooktown 2020 festival, and $6.7m to fix up the Endeavour replica for a replica voyage.

That now infamous brainfart saw the marketing guru meet with members of the Guugu Yimithirr tribe during a visit to Cooktown, and while we can’t fault him for accepting their spear as a gift, standing between Indigenous Australians and Cook impersonators, with this particular stance is undeniably off.

Members of the Guugu Yimithirr tribe present Prime Minister Scott Morrison a spear. (Image: AAP/Marc McCormack)

And check out this photo of Morrison admiring Cook’s anchor. Dude loves colonisation!

(Image: AAP/Marc McCormack)

But then again, it’s not just settlement that Morrison’s got form with. He doesn’t mind a war-machine photo-op either. We also have seen the PM loving the $1 billion construction of navy ships, or, down below, celebrating submarines with Christopher Pyne and French Defence Minister Florence Parly.

(AAP Image/Lukas Coch)

Here he is just wandering around a US aircraft carrier mid-war games, while Chinese warships watch on.

(AAP Image/Darren England).

Here he is on his visit to Christmas Island, taking time off from spending millions on reopening a facility generally recognised for having put detainees through hell to gaze, longingly, at the ships beyond the horizon.

(AAP Image/Lukas Coch).

Still, at least he kept the flags to just one and kept his feet off the expensive gear, unlike one of his recent predecessors.

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