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Is it finally time for a ministerial guidelines shakeup?

Crikey readers on ministerial standards, Scott Morrison's PR and the fight for renewable energy.

Christopher Pyne
(Image: AP/Andy Wong)

Former MPs Christopher Pyne and Julie Bishop didn’t bother showing up to their own ministerial guidelines inquiry, and Crikey readers weren’t having it — though few were surprised to see that the rules once again proved to be useless. Elsewhere, readers discussed Scott Morrison’s trials in the PR department, and Angus Taylor need to accept Australia’s renewables future.

On Pyne and Bishop

Jim Feehely writes: Bishop hit the nail on the head. The ministerial guidelines are not law and not enforceable, so there. Completely useless window dressing and will continue to be so without a powerful federal corruption commission.

Daryl Hughes writes: What do I make of Christopher Pyne and Julie Bishop’s no-show at the Senate inquiry? This is exactly the sort of disrespect for authority that both of them showed when they were in office, unless it was to their own advantage.

On Scott Morrison’s PR

James Findlay writes: No character-forming disasters? He has a handful staring him in the face. Start with climate. Wander along to economic management. Detour to water management if you must. Then a quick squiz at soaring inequality. There are more, many more. It’s just that Morrison does not, or will not, or cannot, see them through the lens of his peculiar ideology.

On renewable energy

Ian Roberts writes: At least we now have some soundbites stating the obvious — i.e. that renewable energy is cheap and getting cheaper. I wish we could start having some grown-up discussions and planning around reliability.

Roger Clifton writes: The renewables industry should promote their image as being capable of supplying electricity on demand. Electricity on demand is of far more value to the grid than intermittent power that other generators on the grid have to struggle to balance. In the meantime, they could contract with gas turbine operators to balance the intermittent power before it is offered to the grid operator. Either way, such gestures would make renewables less vulnerable to orthodox criticism.

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Peter Fray

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