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Deportation push lays bare government’s cruelty

Crikey readers discuss the government's fight to deport the Biloela Tamil family, the religious freedom debate, and the stagnating economy.

Biloela tamil family asylum seekers
Protesters at a Brisbane rally in support of the Biloela family (Image: AAP/GLENN HUNT)

If the government’s fight for the deportation of the Biloela Tamil asylum seekers — which Rebekah Holt said was a case of Peter Dutton and his department choosing the worst option at their disposal — is anything to go by, then the Coalition’s claim to Christian compassion has once again been revealed as nothing but lip service. As Crikey readers pointed out, it will be even more difficult to believe the PM next time he leans on his faith. Elsewhere, readers continued to debate the proposed religious freedom laws, and took a magnifying glass to the stagnating economy.

On government compassion

Peter Wileman writes: It’s galling how our leaders can, and so often do, flaunt their Christianity when it suits, and then act without a shred of compassion or common decency.

On religious freedom

Robert Smith writes: This bill is either a consolation prize for those who voted against marriage equality or their revenge against the 60% plus who voted for it.

Frank Dee writes: As a former Catholic I too was raised in the notion that humanity is in god’s image. I think my descent into atheism started when I couldn’t work out why on earth god would have an arsehole. Although possibly it might be needed to help run News Corp.

On the slowing economy

Wayne Cusick writes: Since you mentioned it three times, the “jobs boom” must be real. I ask that if that were the case, why has the number of unemployed not gone down and the unemployment rate has started to rise? Could it be that the “jobs boom” was barely keeping up with population growth?

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