Boris Johnson Brexit house of commons Tories
(Image: UK Parliament/ Jessica Taylor)

Remember when we thought Theresa May was a uniquely calamitous British prime minister? Turns out she was just the opening act for Boris Johnson -- who, by losing his very first vote as prime minister, managed in a week something it took May around 15 months to achieve.

But of course, the whole Brexit process is like a John Landis film -- you think you've seen the chaos already, and then the 103-car pile up starts. Early this morning, a group of Tory rebels -- turns out there is such a thing -- and opposition MPs defeated the government. This is the first stage of an attempt to pass a law designed to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

What happened with the votes?

The Commons voted 328 to 301 to take control of the agenda, meaning they can bring forward a bill seeking to delay the UK's exit date.