Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. (Image: Flickr/Dimitri Rodriguez)

Crikey readers were quick to jump at the chance to discuss what a shaken-up ALP would look like. While some thought the prospect of a revolutionary could draw the left back to Labor, others cautioned that it would take more than a Jeremy Corbyn or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez figure to get Australians to vote for the left. Elsewhere, readers took on Peter Dutton's information strategy, and the implications of religious freedom legislation.

On the need for a Labor shakeup

Nathan MacFie writes: As a Green-aligned former Labor voter, I vowed never to back them again after they waived through the border force and encryption legislation. But perhaps the only way forward is to join my local ALP branch and agitate for an Ocasio-Cortez like candidate to displace the enfeebled centre-right incumbent. Food for thought.