Australian media loves a Chinese influence story and, recently, they've taken every available opportunity.

This week The Daily Telegraph dined out on yum cha puns in headlines about the ICAC inquiry into donations from Chinese developers, and the Sydney Morning Herald dipped its printer ink into a reliable well of preoccupation: Chinese students in Australian universities. 

Last week, Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) fellow Salvatore Babones wrote in the Herald that “Australian universities are simply admitting too many Chinese students, and too many of them can’t comfortably express themselves in English”. The paper followed up with another op-ed, this time from comedian Meshel Laurie, about the apparent difficulties of learning alongside Chinese students. With what can only be described as big “I-need-to-speak-to-the-manager” energy, Laurie bemoaned having to help “the Chinese kids” with their English. “I don’t want to have to write another sternly worded email!”, Laurie warns readers.