Cricket Ashes TV ratings Australia England

Australia left the island on Survivor Ashes early Friday and it will be hard to see them returning as interlopers any time soon to try and redeem their reputations. The third test collapse wasn’t witnessed by many in Australia -- the rain and dull light and early success by England saw the first session average 551,000 national viewers and 351,000 for the second session later in the night. The first session audience was nearly 50% down on the first session of the second test last week, due to the "fine" weather in and around Leeds.a

The delays meant the test telecast had no impact on Seven’s The Front Bar -- 541,000 nationally and 252,000 in Melbourne. The NRL on Nine’s main channel was watched by 533,000 which was a solid figure for a Thursday night. And that was it. The Bachelor did well with 921,000 and slayed the timeslot, as did Gogglebox Australia soon after with 914,000.