In February of last year, Good Weekend devoted 7000 words to the Me Too movement in an article titled "Women, men and the whole damn thing". For the task of covering one of the biggest social moments in women’s history, the magazine appointed a man: journalist David Leser.

I remember reading half of the article the weekend it came out, confused and a little pissed off, before throwing it away unfinished. At a time when other publications were handing the mic to survivors and taking down abusers, it was a puzzling choice for a magazine of Good Weekend’s stature to instead get a cisgendered man to rehash what had already happened almost six months after everyone else.

I wasn’t the only one rubbed the wrong way by Leser’s article, or the subsequent news that he’d nabbed a deal with Allen & Unwin to expand the piece into a book. Columnist Van Badham described the fact a man was covering this intimately female fight as “precisely the structural sexism that Me Too has illuminated”; Nikki Gemmel called it another way for men to drown out women’s voices; The Guardian asked if men have the right to cover the topic at all.