climate change reporting
(Image: Unsplash/Annie Spratt)

If there's anything that Crikey readers have learned from several decades of climate-crisis awareness, it's that the government will ignore it no matter what language you choose to use. Expecting them to turn around to the incoming catastrophe is about as likely as expecting the Coalition to wake up to the need for stimulus -- another topic readers weighed in on over the weekend.

On climate change

Jim Feehely writes: As Kishor points out, the terms global warming and climate change have been childishly exploited by those who think the earth is simply a resource from which money can be made. Having said that, one would think that political leaders would be concerned with the problem, not its bloody name. But we know that is a fantasy. Morrison’s performance at the Pacific Islands Forum is mortifyingly embarrassing to Australia and its interests in the south Pacific. The shame is that Morrison clearly does not appreciate what a complete fool he has made of himself and Australia. This is like a children’s pantomime and Morrison is the idiot all the kids are yelling "It’s behind you!" at.