Image: Unsplash/Sérgio Rola

Those who expected newly minted PM Boris Johnson to combine little Englander Brexitism with small government austerity and Thatcherite moralising, were surprised when the blond unexploded bombshell announced a commitment to the Northern Powerhouse -- a PR idea about investing in the north, which included a fast-train linking major northern cities, making them one unit.

Some commentators, such as global Labour omnishambles John McTernan, saw in this Boris’ adoption of a Gaullist nationalism. I and others saw in it the hand of Munira Mirza, Johnson’s director of policy here and in the mayoralty. And we thought yet again, you’ve got to hand it to the RCP. The RCP? The Revolutionary Communist Party (1981-1997), a UK ultra-leftist party whose members went on to found LM magazine, Spiked, the Institute of Ideas, and many more groups*. Many, many more.