An Impossible Burger with fries.
An Impossible Burger with fries. (Image: Flickr/Sarah Stierch)


How different parts of the United States have heated in recent decades — and what it’s done to local industries. Perhaps unsurprisingly, in wealthy countries the coverage of climate change is quite different to how it is covered in poorer countries. The rapid melting of Greenland isn’t getting the attention it needs — but handily, here’s a guide to all the vital infrastructure that will be flooded in the United States as sea levels continue to rise.

Greenland ice sheet. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

We’re not going to get global emissions down unless we make major changes to land use, given it accounts for nearly a third of emissions. Or here’s another approach: fire the scientists who reveal unwanted environmental news. And how should we treat former climate deniers? They shouldn’t be permitted to escape accountability, The New Republic argues.