(Image: Orange Is The New Black/Netflix)

On July 26, the seventh and final season of Orange Is The New Black went live on Netflix. A global sensation since its debut in 2013, the show is Netflix’s all-time most-watched series, with 105 million subscribers having watched at least one episode. Most fans will have already digested all 13 of its final episodes. The majority will have binged it the very same weekend it was released.

With the streaming market set to splinter, we may not see such a special and strongly participated online TV sensation as Orange Is The New Black again. It has been widely reported that for the first time, Netflix reported a drop in subscribers. This, it is being said, is an early symptom of an anticipated demise -- the end of the so-called “golden age of streaming”. Just as serious have been reports that international distributors are set to disrupt the status quo, taking back their profitable content to be housed on their own subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) sites like NBCUniversal, HBO Max, Disney+, Apple TV+ and more.