domestic violence
(Image: Unsplash/Kelly Sikkema)

Just sit down and talk it out -- that's one of the Morrison government suggestions to victims of domestic violence do, in the presence of a couples counsellor with no training in family violence. It's as nonsensical as it is backwards, and ignores the advice of literally hundreds of experts.

Despite pledging to “combat violence against women,” the Morrison government has pledged a measly $328 million toward a problem estimated to cost the Australian economy $21.7 billion a year. Intimate partner violence contributes to more death, disability and illness in women aged 15 to 44 than any other preventable risk factor in Australia, contributing to 8% of the disease burden. Among G20 nations, Australia ranks eighth for rates of domestic violence against women. The UN has said violence against women in Australia is "disturbingly common”, with one woman murdered by her partner every week on average. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, pregnant women and women with disabilities experience far higher rates of violence compared to other women.