After El Paso, read the right-wing National Review on “the fruit of a murderous and resurgent ideology — white supremacy — that deserves to be treated by the authorities in the same manner as has been the threat posed by militant Islam”. Further reading: Mehdi Hasan on Trump’s role in white supremacist terrorism and an explainer on the role of the cesspit that is 8chan (well, cesspit is generous, but this is a family column) and its role in fostering fascist terrorism.

The American Conservative has a superb piece on the amnesia of Democrats about the roles of Joe Biden and Robert Mueller in the Iraq War lie: “As families mourn their children, babies are born with irreversible deformities, and veterans dread trying to sleep through the night, America’s political class, many of whom sold the war to the public, have moved on”. A new book argues American political culture automatically accords legitimacy to Republicans when liberal values are in fact the country’s foundation. Meanwhile, a distracted United Kingdom was tricked by the US and outwitted by Iran on Gulf shipping