Israel Folau
Israel Folau leaves a conciliation hearing at the Fair Work Commission in Sydney. (Image: AAP/Peter Rae)

How’s that Israel Folau religious freedom culture war going? Ha, terribly wonderfully, just terribly wonderfully. The right is in open civil war about the competing claims of the Folau case, and it’s now being fought out in the pages of The Australian.

In the latest thrilling installment, Israel’s cousin Josiah, part of the same extreme Pentecostalist sect as Israel, has been sacked from working at a Catholic school apparently because of his beliefs. What, sectarian warfare against a Christian with a different emphasis? Er, no, it’s because Josiah believes that Catholicism is a manifestation of Satan, and Catholicism is "masked devil worship". Well, yeah, that would make things a little more difficult than a drama teacher with a shelf of Judy Garland albums.