The 2019 cast of The Bachelor

A soft night - Ten returned The Bachelor returned to Ten last night - 1.07 million, Good enough to push Ten into second overall in total people and in the main channels. Nine ran dead with a Fast and Furious movie which could only grab 408,000 from 8.30pm. Seven followed with the movie Wonder Woman (507,000) from 8.30pm after a Highway Patrol “Special” -- 875,000.

Seven won the night and Nine was reduced to bragging how Nine News was watched by 1.21 million. It was an odd boast because Seven News/TT (the 6.30 to 7pm part of Seven news) drew 1.56 million, or 350,000 more than Nine’s 6.30 news. Seven’s 6pm News was watched by 1.62 million, 427,000 ahead of Nine’s 6pm News. In regional areas Seven’s 6pm News led with 595,000, then Seven News/TT with 570,000, The Chase Australia 5.30pm with 387,000, Home and Away, 365,000 and the Highway Patrol Special on Seven with 341,000.